Row cultivator

Row cultivator is device designed to cultivation field between the rows in agricultural crops. It is intended to work in crops like: corn, beetroot, cabbage and many others.

Construction of machine allows to work in rows with an interval of 30 cm to 75 cm.

Machine can be equip with system of hydraulic steering.

This system allows very precise work even on uneven fields. Thanks to steering system, it is possible to work close to plants without the risk of damage plants. Working sections of machine are mounted on a bearing parallelogram.

Each section has telescopic adjustment of working depth. System of quick change distance between sections allows very easy and fast set up to different crops.

In standard configuration working section has 5 tines type S32x10 with standard coulter or with duck foot.

As an option we can equip machine in protection shields, whitch protect young plants from damage.

Machine has 3-point linkage cat. II with adjustable support wheels.

There is also possibility to mount fertilizer aplicator. Thanks to electrical drive and stepless adjustment of speed very precise fertilizing is possible.

There is possible to mount machine on front of tractor, thanks to adaper.


DANE TECHNICZNE Standardowych konfiguracji:

* Masa maszyny może odbiegać od podanej wartości w zależności od wyposażenia.
Type Number of working section Main fraim width [m] Transport width [m] Power demand [KM] Approximate mass [kg] *
ZSA-1 2 1,3 1,3 15 130
ZSA-2 3 1,8 1,8 20  340
ZSA-4 5 3,0 3,0 40  520
ZSA-6 7 3,0 3,0 50 660
ZSA-6-SK 7 4,8 3,0 60 880
ZSA-8-SK 9 6,2 3,0 80  1020
ZSA-12-SK 13 6,2 3,0 90  1300


Wyposażenie opcjonalne:

  • hydrualic steering system (in type „H”)
  • front tractor adapter (in type „P”)
  • finger weeder 300mm or 380 mm
  • fertilizer aplicator
  • shield screens
  • duck foot for tines
  • wider frame for given type,
  • LED lights







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